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Uppsala town hall staff fled from knife man

A large part of central Uppsala was cordoned off on Friday, as police negotiated with a man armed with a knife in the town hall.

"We didn't want the man to have any chance to leave the building and attack any members of the public", says police spokesman Christer Nordström to Swedish Radio News.

The man entered the town hall around 4 pm and is reported to have behaved threateningly towards staff. But the man's main threat during the negotiations was that he was going to kill himself. Christer Nordström says the man said something about being under threat of deportation, but this has not been confirmed by the Migration Board. 

At around 7 pm the man threw away his knife, and police were able to overpower him.

The traffic in central Uppsala was thus snarled up for all of the rush hour.

Staff in the town hall were able to leave the building soon after the armed man appeared. They are now receiving post-crisis help from the local council, to deal with their experience, says spokeswoman Lena W. Jansson. She adds that she herself did not feel in any danger during the incident.