Social Democrats polling higher

The Social Democrats' opinion poll ratings continue to climb.

In the latest poll, run by Sifo, 1,898 potential voters were asked who they would support in a hypothetical election. Almost 52 per cent said that they would vote for the red-green parties, giving a Social Democratic, Green and Left Party coalition a hypothetical overall majority.

The Social Democrats themselves are now polling higher than their real performance in the 2010 election. Of those who responded to the Sifo poll, almost 37 per cent said they would support the Social Democrats, a rise of over 3 percentage points since the last survey.

In the middle of the 20th century the Social Democrats alone often got over 40 per cent of the vote in Swedish general elections, but in 2010 they only got 30.7 per cent. Opinion polls after the election showed the party getting an even smaller proportion of the vote, but since the recent choice of industrial unionist Stefan Löfven as Social Democrat leader, the poll results have been steadily increasing.