norway terror attacks

Swedish professor may tesfify in Breivik trial

Swedish professor of religion Mattias Gardell has been called to testify in the Norway terror trial - for the defence.

Professor Gardell says to Swedish Television's Agenda that he is still not sure whether he will go to court, since he knows that the far-right terrorist Anders Breivik intends to turn the whole trial into a political circus and platform for his beliefs.

"But democracy can only be defended with democratic methods. And a mass murderer, like Breivik, also deserves a fair trial."

Gardell has written a book on islamaphobia, and is also known in the media for his participation in the Ship to Gaza Palestinian solidarity project.

The Breivik defence team want Gardell to testify that belief in an Islamic world conspiracy is part of an existing political phenomenon, and not a sign of Breivik's insanity. The self-confessed mass killer is eager to be tried in an open court, rather than diagnosed with a mental disorder and interned for treatment.

The trial begins today.