Makode Linde at the Modern Art Museum. Photo: Jens LEstrade/Scanpix
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Artist Makode Linde talks about that "racist cake"

"She'd be criticised if she hadn't cut the cake"
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Swedish artist Makode Linde has been speaking to Radio Sweden today about his controversial "racist cake" which has made headlines around the world. The cake, in the shape of a naked African woman with the artist's own head sticking out of the serving table to make it look like it was part of the cake, was branded racist by the National Association for African Swedes, who called on Sweden's culture minister, Lena Adelsson Liljeroth, to resign. The video of Makode Linde screaming while she cuts a piece from the cake has had 1,500,000 views on Youtube in the past three days.

"I would not say that the cake depicted a black woman, it depicted the image of a black woman and for me there is a big difference, because I'm dealing with images of blackness and prejudice and ideas of black identity, it is a caricature using exagerrated expression to bring these issues up." Linde told Radio Sweden.

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