A Norwegian CV-90 being used in Afghanistan. Photo: Lars Magne Hovtun/Scanpix
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Norway to upgrade its fleet of Swedish tanks

The Swedish affiliate of military technology company BAE Systems has received a US$1.7 billon order to revamp neighbouring Norway's existing fleet of tanks and add 43 new ones.

Norway currently has 103 tanks of the CV-90 model. According to details in the defence budget presented to the Norwegian parliament Stortinget on Friday, these will be fitted with better mine protection and be upgraded for greater mobility, reports Swedish Radio.

BAE Systems owns the tank company Hägglunds in the Swedish town of Örnsköldsvik

"We welcome that this proposal has been put forward in Stortinget," says its press person Håkan Karlsson.

Trade deals between the Scandinavian countries mean the order needs to be countered with an equally large order from Sweden, reports Swedish Radio.

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