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How is EU enlargement affecting tourism in the divided island nation of Cyprus?

Ethnic tensions on the rise in the Netherlands after the murder of filmmaker, Theo Van Gogh.

UN Peacekeepers under threat - even at home.

Exotic opera from France’s far flung territory, Reunion.


This week:

Tension mounts after the murder of Theo Van Gogh

The stabbing and shooting of the controversial film-maker by a Muslim extremist, has been followed by a spate of revenge attacks on mosques. The attacks have left many people in the country’s large immigrant community, feeling nervous. Almost a million Muslims live in the Netherlands, out of a population of 16 million.

Europe’s Aging Population

Europe’s ageing population demographic is another challenge for the European union. In the Czech republic government measures to address the growing problem of the plummeting birth rate - have so far proved ineffective. But now some experts say that improving fertility treatments is the solution.  A report from Radio Prague

Swedish Un Peacekeepers threatened

Sweden’s UN peacekeeping role in the world’s trouble-spots has led to an increase in threats and violence, against their relatives back home. The victims are mainly from families of peacekeepers serving in the Balkans.  A parliamentary committee member speaks out and says the trouble comes from Yugoslav and Afghan mafias controlling the drugs trade. A report from Radio Sweden

Opening Doors Series: This week we take you to Cyprus

Cyprus welcomes two and a half million tourists each year, the majority of them come from the European Union. The island has been divided since the invasion of the northern part by Turkey in 1974. So you have the unrecognised Turkish republic of northern Cyprus, and the republic of Cyprus in the south. Since the first of May this year, tourists can cross the border freely. But the division of the island still remains a highly sensitive issue,  which affects even the simplest aspect of life on the island. A report from Deusche Welle.

Exotic Opera from France’s tiny Indian Ocean territory of Réunion

Radio France International’s Christophe Wells introduces us to Talipot, a theatre company from the French overseas department. The company is currently performing their opera in a Paris theatre.

Closing Music: Spain’s “Rao trio”