Over 111 gloves will be handed to minister for employment Hillevi Engström, representing the building workers who died in work accidents in the past 10 years. Photo Pär Olsson / Scanpix
Increasing number of accidents and deaths in the workplace

Sweden commemorates lethal work accidents

The number of accidents and deaths in the workplace are increasing in Sweden.

A silent minute was held at building sites across Sweden on Friday to commemorate the employees who lost their lives in work accidents.

With accidents almost doubling among people working for subcontractors in the past year, the Swedish Work Environment Authority is now taking measures to try and reduce the number of casualties.

Swedish Radio reports that investigations will be made into the number of accidents occuring in smaller construction sites, where there are many employees with foreign backgrounds.

Statistics also indicate an increasing number of young people among those injured in work accidents.

One of the problems that leads to accidents in the workplace is a lack of education regarding the neccessary safety measures.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority also outlined in a recent report that good leadership and a sense of belonging among employees are the signs of a good working environment.

The report is the result of research they conducted to find out what can be done to improve employees' sense of well-being in the workplace.

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