Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven will speak at the May Day parade in Gothenberg today. Photo: Bertil Ericson/Scanpix.
Survey of the biggest polls puts opposition ahead

Löfven effect boosts Swedish opposition support

The Left-Green opposition parties would win a general election if it was held today, according to the latest poll of the biggest opinion polls compiled for Swedish Radio.

And the increased support is largely due to advances made by the Social Democratic Party, which has risen in popularity to nearly 36 percent from 26 percent at the start of the year.

“Swedish domestic politics looks dramatically different since the end of January when Stefan Löfven became the Social Democratic leader,” said political science professor Henrik Oscarsson, at Gothenberg University.

“For a single party to move 10 to 12 percent points in any direction – that’s never happened before.”

Combined support for the three opposition parties now stands at over 50 percent support, although he Green Party and the Left Party have both lost ground.

The governing Moderate party has more or less stayed still in the polls with a slight drop in popularity.

Similarly, the smaller governing coalition parties have lost support, with the Christian Democrats now lying below the five percent threshold of a seat in parliament. In total the government parties have 44 percent of voter support.

Support for the anti-immigrant party, the Sweden Democrats remains unchanged at just over 5 percent .

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