Nord Stream

More gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea?

Nord Stream is to look into the possibility of building two further natural gas pipelines across the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Construction began two years ago on the controversial gas pipeline project for Russia to open a twin pipeline to carry natural gas directly to Germany under the Baltic Sea, including the Swedish part of the Baltic.

Work on the first pipeline was finished six months ago. Now shareholders in Nord Stream have asked the company to examine the possibility of building two more pipelines, according to Swedish Radio News.

Nord Stream has been the subject of intense political debate here in Sweden, with some concerned about the environmental impact of the project, and others worried that the Russian military will install surveillance equipment on the pipeline, close to Swedish waters.

The idea behind the Nord Stream pipeline was to reduce Russia's dependence on Ukrainian pipelines, which in the past have been shut during gas disputes between Moscow and Kiev.

80% of Russia's gas exports to the EU flow through pipelines across Ukrainian soil.