Alcohol seizures by customs double in number as well as volume. Photo:Elisabeth Cederblad/Sveriges Radio

Booze seizures double in Western Sweden

High alcohol prices in Norway has created an attractive market for smugglers to bring in cheap booze from the continent through western Sweden and back into Norway.

Customs officiers in Sweden's second largest city of Gothenburg tell Swedish Radio News that the seizure of alcohol bound for Norway has more than doubled this year.

Customs made 144 seizures of alcohol in western Sweden between January and April 2012. The amount smuggled has also increased from 28 000 litres last year to 83 000 this year. The high prices of alcohol in Norway has provided an attractive route for smugglers via Bohus county.

"It is something which is happening more and more and with larger volumes of alcohol one can see that it is really profitable. One truck load can mean $1,500 to $4,500 dollars in profit,"  Gothenburg's head of customs, Tony Magnusson, told Swedish Radio News.

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