Not the real Rex.

Stolen dog reunited with owners after 3 years

Rex the dog has returned home to his delighted owners in Malmö, three years after he was stolen as a puppy.

"We were shocked" says owner Andre Lauridsen to Kvä

Kvällsposten has the story of how the Lauridsen family bought Rex as a puppy and he used to follow his owner to work in Malmö. However, when Andre Lauridsen left the office for five minutes, the thieves struck and Rex was gone.

After searching for him for several months the family gave up hope of ever finding Rex - until last week when they received a phone call  from Anna Thomasson, 50, and Daniel Thomasson, 17, in Trelleborg, who had found a dog tied up outside a courhouse in town, 80 kilometres from the dog's former home.

"I heard the dog for about an hour and a half from my flat so we went out and took care of it," says Anna Thomasson to Kvällposten.

The police turned up and after they had checked the identity tag in the dog's ear they contacted the Lauridsen family.

"I couldn't believe it at first. But he (Rex) is really nice and seems to have been well cared for,"  André Lauridsen told the newspaper.

The family though now thinks that he no longer suits his old name Rex.

"He looks more like a Björn. We call him and he seems to listen to that."

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