Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix.

9 out of 10 Swedes don't know how to brush their teeth

3:47 min

Swedes are really good at remembering to brush their teeth twice a day but nine out of ten don't brush their teeth properly. That's according to researchers at Gothenburg University who have undertaken two studies involving 2,000 Swedes in four different age groups.

"There is much to learn," says researcher Pia Gabre at Sahlgrenska Academy. She told Swedish Radio News of the most common fault when brushing one's teeth.  

"The most common is that people spend too little time in brushing and use too much water afterwards. A lot of people also use too little toothpaste," Pia Gabre told Alltid Nyheter.

To avoid cavaties, Pia Gabre says Swedes should use the two/two/two method - brush twice daily, use two centimetres of toothpaste and brush for two minutes. 

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