Benny Andersson, perhaps the most famous Andersson of them all. Photo: Fredrik Persson/Scanpix.

Andersson to overtake Johansson in Swedish name game

After sixty years of being the most popular surname in Sweden, Johansson is set to be overtaken next year by another son - Andersson. On behalf of daily broadsheet Dagens Nyheter, Statistics Sweden (SCB) estimates that next year there will be more Anderssons than Johanssons in Sweden.

Johansson is more common among people over the age of 80 while Andersson is stronger among children under the age of ten, writes DN.

Last year there were 255 205 persons with a surname of Johansson. The Anderssons were only 296 fewer, compared to 791 the year before. In Sweden today, 29 percent of the population has a surname ending in son, compared to 44 percent (3.5 million Swedes) in 1970.

It is not surprisng that Johansson and Andersson have been Sweden's most common surname for decades, as Johan and Anders were the most common first names for men in the start and middle of the 1800's, when children received their father's first name as a surname. This changed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Svensson, a surname used to describe a "typical Swede" is 9th on the list which also includes Olsson and Persson. Eriksson, seventh on the list of most common surnames, is the name with the highest status, being found in the rich Stockholm suburb areas of Danderyd, Lidingö and Täby. Lindberg is the most common surname that does not end in son.

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