malmö serial shooter

Timeline and list of charges

All the charges that Peter Mangs is now standing trial for.

13 June 2003
65-year-old man found shot in his apartment. Shot in the chest.

28 July 2003
23-year-old man shot in back of the head outside his front door.

Murder and attempted murder
10 October 2009
20-year-old woman shot to death in a car. Man in driver's seat also shot in the head but survives.

Illegal threat, vandalism
23 October 2009
Two bullets shot into an apartment.

Attempted murder.
31 December 2009
Bullet goes through window of same apartment as in October 2009.

Attempted murder
31 December 2009
A visiting Imam at Malmö's Islamic Center injured in neck by a ricocheting bullet - minor injuries.

Attempted murder
12 March 2010
The man who survived the 10 October 2009 attack has his apartment shot at.

Illegal threat, vandalism
14 March 2010
Shots fired at a police station at Davidshallstorg. No injuries.

Attempted murder
16 March 2010
Two men shot at in a car. 21-year-old man injured in the shoulder.

Attempted murder
19 June 2010
Several persons shot at as they enter a restaurant. One man sustains minor injuries.

Attempted murder
26 June 2010
30-year-old man shot in the back as he is working out at night at a gym. Shot fired through the window.

Attempted murder
27 June 2010
29-year-old man shot in the shoulder as he sits in his car.

Attempted murder
24 augusti 2010
38-year-old man shot at when he is working at a food kiosk. Bullets miss him.

Attempted murder
19 October 2010
28-year-old shot in the shoulder while waiting for the bus.

Attempted murder
21 October 2010
Two shots fired into an apartment without injuring the two women in the apartment.

Attempted murder
23 October 2010
57-year-old tailor shot at his shop.

Conspiracy to murder
Between October 2009 och October 2010

Perversion of justice
Suspect tells a friend about the crimes, then threatens friend so he will not go to the police.

Vandalism (two accounts)
Road signs shot at