Peter Mangs in court. Photo: Stig Åke Jönsson/Scanpix
malmö serial shooter trial

22-year-old witness has difficulty remembering

"He was confused, in shock"
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The 22-year-old man who was seriously injured in connection with the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Trez West Persson has been giving evidence today on day two of the trial of suspected Malmö serial shooter Peter Mangs.

During questioning, the 22-year-old had difficulty remembering the events of October 2009 when he was shot in the head while sitting in a car alongside the murder victim. He described how he tried to start his car during the shooting and later ran for help.

The 22-year old man was on leave from prison where he was serving a sentence. He and Persson had been communicating while he was incarcerated.

On 10 October 2009 he met Persson in a car. They had sent each other roughly 30 mobile phone text messages each during the day leading up to their nighttime meeting, said the prosecutor, showing records of their mobile telephone bills.

One SMS from a friend to Persson refers to her as “GB”, which Wollstad says stands for “gangster bitch.” The prosecution used the tone of the text messages to argue that Persson did not feel ill at ease on the night of the attack, that the atmosphere was jovial.

Wollstad argued on Tuesday that Peter Mangs had cycled past the couple by accident but been triggered because “he doesn’t like Swedish girls who date immigrants” and “he doesn’t like criminals.”

She did not specify how Mangs would have identified that the man in the car was serving a prison sentence or had a criminal record.

Moments before the attack, the 22-year old saw a person on a bicycle approaching the car, then saw a light. According to the prosecution, Mangs’ had fitted a torch to his weapon, which was shown in court on Monday.

When the 22-year-old smelled gun powder he tried to start the car but it stalled, jumping forward over the road. Wollstad said Mangs emptied all ammunition into the car during the attack.

Despite being hit in the head, the man managed to flee and was given medical assistance. Persson was still alive when she was taken from the car to hospital but later died from her injuries.

Trez West Persson's mother has been present in court since the trial started yesterday. She told the regional Sydsvenskan that she intends to attend every single day of the trial.

Live reporting from the trial

Under den andra rättegångsdagen frågades den åtalade Peter Mangs ut. Foto: Stig-Åke Jönsson/Scanpix


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