Swedish financial minister Anders Borg calls the crisis in Greece a "tragedy". Photo: Janerik Henriksson / Scanpix
Re-election sparks speculations about Sweden's financial security in the future

Swedish concern over Greek crisis

After attempts to form a new government in Greece failed and it was announced that there will be a new election in the country, the EU's financial ministers, including Sweden's Anders Borg, have cause to believe their worst fears may come true. 

The speculation about Greece leaving the euro and reaching state bankruptcy is reverberating around Brussels.

Sweden's finance minister Anders Borg was in Brussels on Tuesday to meet with his EU counterparts.

He told Swedish Radio News that he is concerned about what he called "the tragedy that is playing out before our eyes".

Swedish Radio News economic correspondent Stefan Sonning says that Sweden's position in relation to Greece potentially leaving the euro is relatively secure.

"Sweden has very good state finances at the moment. The government has held on so tightly to its wallet that you could even discuss whether the Swedish state has too much money."

"But the effect of this is that if things really go down the drain in Europe, there is enough state treasury money saved to be used to stimulate the economy and ward off a crisis - if it comes", he says.

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