Swedes living abroad owe some two billion dollars in student loan payments to the Swedish financial aid committee, CSN. Photo: AKIRA SUEMORI

Living abroad, ignoring student loan payments

Swedes living abroad owe a total of US$ 2 billion in student loan payments to the nation's coffers.

Based on figures from the committee that approves and sends out Swedish financial aid for studies (CSN), news agency TT reports that Swedes living abroad are worse than Swedes living in Sweden at paying back their student laons. Fifteen percent of former students who live overseas have paid either very little or none at all of their student loans back in recent years. That corresponds to just three percent of former students living in Sweden.

CSN is ramping up their efforts to track down offenders with 941 legal cases in Scandinavia and Great Britain. Soon, CSN will take a case to a US court for the first time.

One offender, a lawyer who owes CSN around US$ 208,000 but has not paid a single crown in the last eight years, is an honorary consul to Sweden, according to TT.

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