Young people on the web

1 in 5 young people pose sexually on the web

One if five young people between the ages of 15 and 24 have posted a photo of themselves posing in a sexual way on the internet, according to a new poll by Ungdomsbarometern, a polling and analysis company that focuses on teenagers.

The poll found that eleven percent of the females who posted sexual photos of themselves felt forced to do so.

"This is obviously scary," psychologist Ingrid Gråberg tells newspaper Dagens Nyheter. "Self-confidence is connected to all of this. A desire to be popular is what connects most of this behavior and it's not a new phenomenon."

Gråberg says parents should build up their children's confidence long before they become teenagers. She says parents need to listen and respect their children's wishes.

Twenty-two percent of the teenagers uploaded photos or videos of themselves because they wanted comments about how they look.

"Affirmation in itself isn't dangerous but it's not so good if you become very dependent on it and do virtually anything to get affirmed," says Gråberg.

The online poll had 1,009 participants between the ages of 15 and 24.