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Huge interest in Princess Estelle's christening

There is huge media interest in Princess Estelle's christening this Tuesday in Stockholm. Over 400 journalists have received credentials to cover the event, says Claes Jernaeus, director of the International Press Centre for the Swedish Foreign Ministry.

"It's a unique story in a way. Most of the news we get is negative. This has something in it that makes us happy. I think it's something that even mass media wants to describe," Jernaues told Swedish Radio.

Princess Estelle will be baptized on Tuesday at the Royal Chapel in the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

Royal families from several countries will be in attendance. And many spectators and supporters are expected to gather outside of the Royal Chapel during the ceremony.

More than 400 journalists have permission to work in or around the Royal Palace. However, while 400 seems like a lot, it is small in comparison to the amount of journalists who covered Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's wedding. Almost 2,000 journalists worked that event in June of 2010.

The christening will be broadcast live in several countries. And Claes Jernaeus says this type of event means a great deal for Sweden.

"Yes, it does have big PR value," he says. "That's why the Foreign Ministry is involved, that's why we have a media center. The christening helps create a positive and exciting picture of Sweden."

What is unknown however is if Princess Estelle really will be the future Queen. That is because 19 percent of Swedes want to abolish the monarchy, according to a Gothenburg University poll. Many think the monarchy will die out in the not too distant future.

But Lennart Nilsson, who has researched Swedes' attitudes about the monarchy since 1995, tells news agency TT that people have to be careful reading too much into the poll. He says people have never been good at predicting the future.

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