Green Party spokeswoman Åsa Romsson speaking at the congress. Photo: Johan Gunséus/Scanpix.

Green Party would not ban free-school profits

The Swedish Green Party's congress, held in the far northern city of Umeå, has been split over the issue of companies making profits by running schools.

On Saturday the delegates voted for the proposal put forward by the party's leadership: that companies which run schools should aim to re-invest any surplus. But the party does not support an outright ban on profit-making by free schools.

Swedish Radio earlier spoke to party activist Mats Pertoft, one of those who was involved in drafting the leadership's proposal. He says that over the last six-to-eight years the Greens have voted on this issue, usually going with a "freeschool-friendly" line. But that there is still a big minority in the party that wants to ban profits from schools outright.

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