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Minister: immigrants should take the first job offered, or face losing benefits

Refugees and asylum seekers in Sweden should be prepared to move to another city to take up a job - or face losing state benefits - says the Integration Minister, who says a change in the law could come as early as the autumn.

"We have to be clear, that people must focus on getting a job when they immigrate to Sweden", says Minister Erik Ullenhag, of the Moderate Party.

"Those who have the opportunity to get a job, and housing, in another area of Sweden, must be prepared to work towards taking that job. And if you don't, then it should be possible to cut your benefits."

Saying no to just one job would mean a benefit cut, reports Swedish Radio News. The Swedish Employment Agency can already penalise people in this way if they say no to Swedish classes (SFI).

The centre-right Swedish government sees unemployment among immigrants as one of Sweden's biggest problems. "We see this as one of our biggest social challenges, to get those born abroad into work faster", says Minister Ullenhag. 

So far no concrete details of the proposed law change have been revealed.

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