The boy walked bare feet on the track for 3 km. Photo Annika af Klercker/Scanpix

Boy walked three kilometres in front of train

An 11-year-old autistic boy walked for nearly an hour, with bare feet and in his swimming trunks, on the stony train track between Jönköping and Värnamo, closely followed by a slow moving train, before he was helped to get off the track.

Passengers wanted to get off the train to help the boy but were stopped by staff who said it was not allowed to open the doors on route.

The boy is said to have thrown stones at the train, and was sometimes so tired that he sat down to rest, but only after three kilometres was the driver able to convince the boy to come onboard. The boy had absconded from a day-out with the sheltered housing where he lives.

Finally, after about 50 minutes, police and staff from his home, were able to come and collect the boy.

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