The suspects' sketch of how the kidnapping would happen. From the police's preliminary investigation.
Court case

Uppsala kidnapping case verdict today

Two of the three suspects in the spectacular kidnapping of a 25-year-old student in Uppsala late last year will be sentenced today. In an unusual twist to the story, one of the suspects - a 26-year-old medical student - has claimed that the kidnapping was a publicity stunt which the "victim" was involved in. 

The 25-year-old student is the son of a wealthy businessman.

According to the prosecution, the 23-year-old former girlfriend of the medical student gave him a pie or some muffins with a sleeping drug before he was taken to a house in northern Sweden where he was held captive for a week. He was later discovered by police.

The girl has said that she thought it was all part of "a surprise".

The prosecution is calling for 14 years in prison for two of the suspects.

A third suspect, a 26-year-old who was guarding the student in the house, has admitted to his part in the crime. He will be examined by a forensic psychiatrist before he is sentenced, as there have been signs that he may be mentally ill.

The technical evidence used by the prosecution includes notes from the kidnapping plans, mobile phone text messages between the suspects and tracking data that shows where their mobile phones have been located. A computer was also found in the car the group used to travel north - the computer's browser contained records of internet searches for things like "buy stun gun", "bake in drugs" and "how much Stilnoct is a mortal dose?".

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