Terror widow kept mum after 2010 attack

The widow of Stockholm suicide bomber Taimour Abdulwahab, who posted his taped farewell justifying his act on YouTube, remained silent during questioning after the 2010 attack, a British police officer testified Tuesday at the trial of Abdulwahab's suspected financier.

The woman has admitted to posting the video for those wanting to understand her husband's motives.

In it he says the attack was revenge for Sweden's military presence in Afghanistan and for the controversial depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammed by Swedish artist Lars Vilks.

The current trial at Glasgow's High Court is against a man suspected of financing the failed mission, in which only Abdulwahab died as part of his bomb vest detonated near a busy commercial street.

He denies the charge but faces life in prison if convicted.

In police questioning after the attack, the widow was asked if she was previously acquainted with the suspect. The widow smiled in response, Nicholas Smith from London police told court.

When asked why, she reportedly responded "no comment".

She was also asked about a publication found on her computer which "encourages terrorism and mass murder, and explains how to fabricate a bomb at home in the kitchen," testified Smith according to Glasgow Court Press Agency reporting from the trial.

Her answer was "no comment".

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