Lack of daycare spots are creating hardships for families. Photo: Annika Augustsson/Sveriges Radio.
waiting to get a spot in daycare

Parents can get cash while they wait for daycare

Sweden's municipalities may one day be forced to compensate families who have to wait too long for a spot in daycare. The government is launching an investigation into how municipalities can get better at following through with their responsibility to offer preschool placement for kids within four months, according to Swedish Radio news.

The hope is that this will push communities to come up with more places for children.

Since 1995, municipalities have been responsible for being able to provide a spot in preschool within four months, however, this was only lately formalized in the new school law. Municipalities who fail to do so can be forced to pay fines to the state, but a year after the law went into effect, no municipality has yet had to pay.

Three years ago, the Swedish National Agency for Education issued a report revealing that 42 of the country's 290 municipalities believed they would not be able to offer a place within four months.

"It should be made difficult for municipalities that don't live up to the law," says deputy education minister Nyamko Sabuni.

She wants parents to be able to get proper compensation for lost income.

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