Swedish high school graduates. File photo: Björn Larsson Ask/SvD/Scanpix

Families urged to discuss price of graduation

On average, fêting a high school graduation costs at least 6,000 kronor per student (about US$800), shows a review by the bank Nordea. Thousands of young Swedes are preparing to celebrate the end of their studies.

Women traditionally wear white dresses while the men don suits, and both wear the white graduation cap as they are carted around their hometowns on the back of trucks, in horse-drawn carriages and other modes of transport.

The 6,000 kronor account for the clothes, the cap and going to friends' graduation parties, but not for the celebrations that usually await the teenagers at home on actual graduation day.

"The cost can reach any height, it really depends on what people chose to do," says economic advisor Ingela Garbielsson at Nordea to the news agency TT.

"A lot of parents want to make sure their child has a good time, but it's important to go through what is reasonable depending on the family's finances in advance," she says.

"A lot of teenagers work in their spare time and are willing to help out with the costs," Gabrielsson says.

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