Report from the Swedish National Food Administration

Allergens often missing in food labeling

Food products sold in Swedish grocery stores often lack correct labeling when it comes to common allergens such as eggs and nuts, according to a new report from the National Food Administration.

One in ten products checked did not contain the correct list of ingredients.

The food authority checked more than a thousand products from across the Nordic countries and 450 food companies. Almost one in every three companies did not have a system for ensuring the list of ingredients on their packets was correct.

“It shows an incredible lack of knowledge about allergies and how difficult it can be to be allergic,” Marrianne Jarl from the national Asthma and Allergi Association told Swedish Radio.

“If I give an allergic child something they cannot eat then I know that they won’t be able to make it to school the next day.”

The national food industry association, Livsmedelsföretagen, acknowledges the problem.

“I myself have a daughter who is extremely allergic to nuts,” said the groups CEO, Marie Söderqvist.

“So this should not happen. We should have the right safeguards in place when it comes to labeling.”

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