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Marine archeology

Ancient fish trap discovered

The world's oldest fishing tools have been found off the coast of Skåne in southern Sweden, according to the marine archaeologists who made the discovery. The wooden sticks are thought to be around 9,000 years old, Swedish Radio reports.

"This is the world's oldest find when it comes to fishing," says Johan Rönnby, a professor in marine archaeology at Södertörn University in Stockholm.

The archaeologists found finger-thick wooden sticks on the sea bed. The sticks are thought to have been bound together and placed on the sea bed to lure fish into a trap.

"Our interpretation is that the sticks were used as a sort of fence to lead the fish into a creel. Or they were part of the actual creel," said Arne Sjöström, an arechaeologist working on the project at Södertörn University.

"There are many examples of similar traps from other parts of the world," he added.

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