A teenager playing World of Warcraft – a game that is yet to be withdrawn. File photo: Scanpix
Game censorship

Computer games off the Swedish market

"We can't stock them"
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Following a much debated child pornography case, computer games with underage characters in them are being removed from the Swedish market.

Many fighting and action games are no longer distributed in Sweden due to their graphic content. Among them are "Dead or Alive Dimensions" and "Acana Heart 3".

But two of Sweden's largest retailers - online shops CDON and Webbhallen - have continued to sell these two titles.

Christer Pettersson, who is in charge of computer games at Webhallen, told Swedish Radio that his shop will stop selling them.

"If it's considered provocative then we can't stock them. We were waiting for censored versions of the games. But since they haven't come, we'll stop selling them," he told Swedish Radio.

One of the reasons that the games have been taken off the market is a recent court case against a translator who was fined for having Manga-style images on his computer that was deemed to be child porn.

The case, which is awaiting a verdict from the Supreme Court, has meant that games distributors have been careful not to introduce games that may be considered child pornography to the Swedish market.

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