A snowy owl – one of the rare species the gang has been raiding the nests of. Photo: Jämtland county board
Organized crime

Bird nests targeted by gang

An international gang is raiding the nests of rare birds in northern Sweden. After alarming reports on the extent of the crimes, local police in Jämtland province will now create a new nature reserve to fight the looting, Swedish Radio reports.

It was the National Criminal Investigation Police that alerted local authorities to the gang's activity.

The county boards of Jämtland and the neighbouring province of Västerbotten have created an interim nature reserve spanning 460 square kilometers.

Starting on Wednesday, it will be illegal to enter any off-road terrain in the area, said Helena Eriksson at the nature preservation unit at Jämtland's county board.

After weapons and narcotics, the international trade of eggs and living birds of rare species is the third most lucrative form of organised crime.

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