The Swedish nuclear industry is investing 50 billion kroner over 10 years to refurbish a fleet of 10 reactors. Photo: Tomas Oneborg/Scanpix.
After renovations Swedish nuclear plants will last 60 years

Lifespan of nuclear plants extended to 2045

Extensive renovations to Swedish nuclear plants mean the country's 10 plants could be in use until 2045. But while the nuclear industry wants to build new nuclear plants, politicians are more cautious, Swedish Radio News reports.

Ingemar Engkvist, president of Eon Nuclear Energy, says the industry is investing about 50 billion kroner over 10 years to boost security, lengthen the life and increase efficiency in the existing nuclear energy fleet.

The refurbishments will extend the number of years the plants lifespan to 60 years. The oldest reactor will be offline in 2032, while the two most modern facilities - Forsmark 3 and Oskarshamn 3 - could be in use until 2045.

A life expectancy of 60 years is in line with what the Swedish Energy Agency calculated five years ago. After the modernization the reactors will be more efficient than before.

One question that is often asked is whether it is possible to renovate the existing plants indefinitely, thereby averting the politically sensitive issue of building new reactors.

Engkvist does not think so.

"In theory it's possible, but it would be not be economically viable. The Swedish nuclear energy fleet will not be used forever. I think it's unlikely that we will run these plants much longer than 60 years," he says.

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