The blingonberry is a cross between a lingonberry and a blueberry. Photo: Jenny Berntson Djurvall/Swedish Radio
rare natural hybrid

New berry discovered: the blingonberry

A new berry was discovered recently in a Bohuslän forest on the Swedish west coast. It's a cross between a lingon and a blueberry. A natural hybrid that grew without the help of gene manipulation or other artificial intervention.

The plant has been seen in other areas of Sweden but it's very rare to spy the berry itself.

While the color of the leaves is light-green, like the blueberry, the tough, leathery texture of the leaves is more like the lingonberry.

Botanist Eva-Stina Blomgren said the berries she has seen were purple.

"They don't taste bad, but they don't taste very good either," she told Swedish Radio News.

The proposed name for the new berry is "blingon".

Marie Widén, who works with the botanical garden in Lund, told Swedish Radio News that when the two species are growing in the same area and are pollinated by the same insect a hybrid can grow.

"A pollen seed from one of the species lands on the flower of the other species. A seed can grow if it's in the right area. Then you get a hybrid between a blueberry and a lingon," she said

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