Birgitta Almgren. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/Scanpix.
Birgitta Almgren

No prosecution for Stasi researcher

The Attorney General has the investigation into Birgitta Almgren, who was suspected of illegally outing people as suspected spies.

When she was informed of the Attorney General's decision by Swedish Radio News, Almgren said, "It's a victory for research that even in Sweden we can come to terms with our own history. It means that I have fulfilled my duty as a researcher."

Almgren published a book this past autumn entitled "Not Just Spies". To write about Swedish agents in the former German Democratic Republic she was given access to Swedish intelligence files about the GDR secret police, the Stasi.

According to the Council of State, the permission was granted with restrictions. She was not allowed to write about individuals in a way that would make them identifiable today. Several Swedes, however, felt they had been fingered and their identities revealed in her book.

The Attorney General reviewed the case and reached the conclusion that Almgren did not have the intent required to criminalize the writing of her book. But she has been criticized for not adequately assessing the consequences of the publication.

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