Police closed off a large part of Skeppsbron in Stockholm after the shots were fired. Photo: Scanpix
Police shooting

Police shoot knife-wielding man in Stockholm

Police shot a man in central Stockholm at lunchtime Friday, TT News Agency reports. Police said the man was threatening people with a knife. When police arrived on the scene several shots were fired. “When the police unit arrived and tried to make contact with the perpetrator something happened and then they fired their weapons,” Ulf Lindgren with the Stockholm Police told TT.

The knife-wielding man was shot and has been taken to hospital.

A witness on Skeppsbron said between three and five shots were fired, TT writes

Another witness said he ran into a middle-aged man carrying a long knife made threatening movements at him.

A tourist from Belarus who was standing on Skeppsbron told TT that he saw the man walk towards the police officer. “She told him to stop, but he wouldn’t stop. Then she shot – bang, bang – but he still wouldn’t stop,” Jana Pashkevich said.

Mikael Söderquist, a man from Stockholm, said he suddenly heard two shots when he was by Skeppsbron.

“There were two police there with weapons, screaming, ‘Get down! Get down!’ They shot several shots and kept screaming. He wouldn’t lied down even though he was hit. Then the police came from behind and tackled him to the ground,” Söderquist told TT.

Another witness said. “People froze. Some ran away in a panic, some ducked, others started to cry. I was scared. I’m not used to this,” Söderquist said.

Skeppsbron is the stretch of road from the Royal Palace to the sluice between the old part of town and the island of Södermalm.

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