Moderates Party Secretary missed a new agency

5:25 min

The Christian Democrats are criticizing the party secretary of the conservative Moderates after he proposed a "new" government agency to oversee elderly care facilities. Such an agency is already being planned.

Party Secretary Kent Persson told Swedish Radio on Sunday that the most important element of an agency overseeing health and welfare is to work preventatively. "In the worst cases, if the treatment is so bad, an inspector at this agency could go in and close an elderly care facility," he said.

But several members of the Christian Democrats, who are in the center-right government together with the Moderates, say an agency to oversee elderly care is already in the works. The new agency is in many ways exactly like the agency the Moderates proposed on Sunday, except this agency would be broader, covering other areas of healthcare.

Several people have already applied to be the general director of the agency.

The party secretary for the Christian Democrats, Acko Ankarberg, tells news agency TT that Kent Persson should be more involved in what the government is doing.

Persson, however, told news agency TT that he does not think the parties in the center-right Alliance have different views on this issue.

"The Moderate Party working committee is looking to take one step further and create a welfare inspectorate that would take care of elderly care in the same way that the School Inspectorate sees over schools today," he said.

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