Underperforming high school students

One in three drops out of high school

One third of Sweden's high school students fail to graduate on time, according to new statistics. In one municipality, more than half of all high school students do not graduate after the scheduled three years.

Anders Lovén, a lecturer at Malmö University, has interviewed 20–21-year-olds who dropped out of high school.

"These teenagers are calling for someone who cares and, at the same time, sets demands. When I ask them what they would say to themselves at 16, they clearly answer: 'Straighten yourself out!'," Anders Lovén said.

In the municipality with the highest rate of on-time graduates, 88 percent of students completed their high school programmes on time.

According to the Swedish Association of Municipalities and Regions, SKL, which presented the figures on Monday, schools should place confidence in their students to get them to finish on time, among other measures.

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