Moslem food at a Stockholm supermarket, Photo: Claus Gertsen/Scanpix
"you fast during the day, but at night you party"

Ramadan a shot in the arm for Swedish grocers

Friday marked the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, and the newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports that this year Ramadan-related turnover for Swedish stores should break the one billion kronor mark.

That’s around US$ 140 million.

There are around half a million Moslems in Sweden, and according to the employers' organization Svensk Handel their total extra consumption during Ramadan is around US$ 2 million, as each observer consumes on the average around US$ 250 more during the month.

Mats Troell, an analyst at Svensk Handel, tells the newspaper that while Moslems may fast during the day when observing Ramadan, at night they party.

For grocers in the southern city of Malmö, Ramadan is second only to Christmas in sales.

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