Some sources of omega-3, Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix
Swedish medical research

Omega-3 good for the "little gray cells"

Swedish researchers have found that older people who receive more omega-3 fats maintain their intellectual functions better.

Echoing Hercule Poirot, the newspaper Uppsala Nya Tidning says they have more "little gray cells" in their brains.

Researchers at Uppsala University studied 252 men and women, aged 70, who kept a record of everything they ate and drank for a week. Based on that, the scientists worked out the subjects' omega-3 intake.

Five years later they had the group go through a series of examinations to test their memory, language skills, and other intellectual functions. They also used MRI to map the size and structure of their brains.

Published in the journal Age, the results indicate that higher intakes of omega-3 mean more gray matter in the brain, and a positive effect on the brain’s intellection functions.

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