Friday guest: Christer Björkman

Eurovision guru felt Sweden would "win it big"

5:15 min

He was head of the victorious Swedish team at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, and he will be producing next year's event in Malmö.

Our Friday guest is Christer Björkman, the seasoned producer of the Melodifestivalen song contest in Sweden. He will be hosting the popular radio show Sommar next week. Radio Sweden's Brett Ascarelli caught up with Christer Björkman to talk about his radio segment and that memorable victory in Baku.

"This is my radio debut. It is very thrilling. I am very flattered and honoured, but also extremely nervous," Björkman said. "I have been listening to this show all my life, and I know how judgemental people can be."

Talking about Loreen's victory at the Eurovision final in May, Björkman said he could sense the victory was Sweden's when the maximum twelve-point votes began dropping in.

"The five or six first countreis were ones we never usually get points from," he said. "We got sixes, sevens and eights. Then we got our first twelve-point vote from another country like that."

"That was when I realized, 'We are going to win this big!"

Christer Björkman will host Sommar on Swedish Radio P1 next Thursday.