broken bearings

New tram troubles for Gothenburg

Fifteen new trams have been taken out of service in Gothenburg after their bearings broke down, and one tram derailed. It was later discovered that the bearings in the newly delivered trams had not been greased properly.

Gothenburg, well known for its tram network, has ordered 65 trams from the Italian Ansaldobreda company since the first order arrived 2005, despite reoccurring problems, according to newspaper Göteborgs Posten.

Trams have been delivered behind schedule, and many have spent a large amount of time in workshops, due to problems with the doors, air-conditioning, wheels, and wheelchair ramps, the paper adds.

Representatives from the German manufacturers of the wheel bearings, FAG, are due to arrive to Gothenburg to look at the latest problems, with experts here saying all the bearings will probably have to be replaced.