tick disease hits sweden

TBE on the rise

As Swedes take to the countryside for the summer, number of TBE cases is at an all-time high this year, reports news agency TT. The disease, which is transmitted by ticks, has been rising consistently in Sweden in recent years.

This year 68 cases were reported, an increase from the 58 reported last year.

According to the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, cases of TBE are found all over the country in the summer, particularly in the regions south of Dalälven and around Lake Vänern in the west.

The Institute tells TT when there are many TBE cases it means there is a high number of ticks as a result of a high number of deer that they feed on. Another cause is unusually long winters which cause the ticks to be hungrier than usual when they resurface in the spring, and makes them more likely to feed on humans.

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