Södertälje case

Criminal gang case most costly ever

The ongoing Södertälje case against a criminal network is the most expensive court case in Swedish history, a recent investigation shows.

Put together, the cost of the investigation and the ensuing court proceedings comes to over US$10 million, reports Swedish Radio.

The costs have surpassed expectations, and are twice as big as most other large-scale cases, says accountant Margareta Carlen at the Swedish Courts System.

In this case, where closing arguments were heard earlier this summer against the 20 suspects, it is the large number of defendants which is partly to blame for pushing up the cost, says Carlen.

"There are many defendants, which means the case has taken many days and that the costs have been high," she tells Swedish Radio.

The investigation began in November 2011, looking into the murder of a man Södertälje in 2009, and two men in 2010. All three had connections to X-Team gang.

A verdict will be reached on August 1st.