Daniel Höglund, party leader of the Party of the Swedes. Photo: Scanpix
party of the swedes

Extreme-right summer camp gathering

The annual summer camp organised by the extreme rightwing Party of the Swedes is to be held in the province of Östergötland at the start of August this year, but the exact location has not been disclosed.

According to Swedish Radio, the ongoings at the party's summer camp last year caused a storm in the Swedish press. To avoid this kind of attention this year, the party has disclosed very little information about the camp's whereabouts.

During the summer camp, supporters of the Party of the Swedes gather for four days and engage in activities that range from paddling, self-defence lessons and attending lectures.

Last year, the party's web site featured videos of summer camp residents playing team sports, in which one of the teams is heard to be called "the Nazis."

The National Democrats' former party leader Nils-Eric Hennix spoke at least year's summer camp, and told listeners it was time to appeal to those "white Europeans who still have not understood the dangers of mixing races."

The lecture programme this year includes speeches from the party's leader Daniel Höglund and the world's first female Nazi leader, Vera Oredsson, reports Swedish Radio.

On their web site, the party describes itself as a "nationalist party that puts Swedish interests first and wants to phase out multiculturalism." It was formed from the remains of the former National Socialist Front in 2008.

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