terrorism safety procedure

Luftwaffe chases Swedish charter

The German air force sent two fighter planes after a Swedish charter plane on its way to Mallorca in southern Spain. Glitches in radio communication between the Swedish pilots and the Luftwaffe caused uncertainty regarding the Swedish plane.

The Tuifly Nordic plane was flying holiday-makers from Landvetter outside the city of Gothenburg to Mallorca.

When German air force lost communication with the Swedish plane, it was decided that default procedures regarding air safety be followed.

As part of standard precautions against terror attacks, the two fighter planes were sent up in the air to identify the charter plane.

Andre Hesse, the pilots of one of the Luftwaffe planes, told daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter this incident was not unusual.

"This is normal. It happens once or twice a month", he said.

"You have to look at it from this side of September 11th. If communication between flight controls are lost, we have to find out what has happened", Hesse said.