Stasi files. Photo: ECKEHARD SCHULZ / AP / Scanpix
Former elite agent comes forward

Swedish priest regrets past as Stasi spy

A pastor in northern Sweden who has previously denied he served as a Stasi agent now admits to it and says he regrets his past, according to the newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Aleksander Radler, who formerly worked as a vicar in Burträsk, also served an elite spy for the East German intelligence arm for 25 years, according to a new expert report by international Stasi-expert Helmut Müller Enbergs, cited by Dagens Nyheter.

When the newspaper confronted him with the information, he responded in a mail, "I deeply regret the whole course of events."

The DDR sent "IM Thomas" to "the capitalist world" in 1968, according to Dagens Nyheter. In 1994, a German investigation revealed Radler was "IM Thomas", but as late as April of this year, Radler maintained his innocence in an interview with the tabloid Expressen.

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