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subsidies fail to increase use of electric cars

Plans to reduce traffic emissions flop

The government's recent initiative to increase the use of electric cars as a means of reaching Sweden's environmental goals has been unfruitful, writes daily newspaper Dagen Nyheter.

The government has invested nearly US$30 million in subsidies for people who buy electric cars. However, the sum has largely been unused. Dagens Nyheter writes that only 96 subsidies have been given out, and only 16 of those were to private individuals.

The average cost of an electric or hybrid car is over US$43,000. The government subsidies cover less than a sixth of this price.

According to Jon Stenbäck, head of information at the Motormännen car drivers' organisation, this isn't enough to stimulate electric car sales.

"When we've spoken to our members, many of them have said they would like to drive an environmentally-friendly car, but they can't afford it", Stenbäck told Dagens Nyheter.

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