14 deaths linked to drug available online

A new life-threatening drug that's being sold via the Internet has been linked to 14 deaths, all of young men in their 20s or 30s, in Sweden since the beginning of July. Now, the Swedish National Institute of Public Health wants to ban the drug.

The National Board of Forensic Medicine performed autopsies in every case after suspecting the cause of death to be an overdose.

According to news agency TT, in two of the cases, the Board determined the substance 5-IT, a stimulant that is also apparently known as 5-(2-Aminopropyl)indole, to be the direct cause of death. In the remaining 12 cases, they also found traces of other drugs.

New substances are coming out on the market all the time, according to Dagens Nyheter, which reports that many of these amphetamines and ecstasy-like chemicals are manufactured in China. The new 5-IT was only discovered by Swedish authorities when these recent autopsies were performed.

The National Institute of Public Health wants to make 5-IT illegal, along with four other preparations, 4,5,6-APB and DMAA, however this process would take at least three months, according to newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Often, several kinds of preparations are mixed into tablets and powders that are sold on the Internet, which can make the drugs life-threatening and difficult to dose, reports TT.