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Axfood recalls salmonella-tainted pork products

Axfood is recalling tainted meat, after a routine check determined the presence of salmonella in some of their pork products.

If you have bought an Axfood product containing pork, for example, ground beef and pork (blandfärs), marinated pork loin (marinerad karré) or pork chops (mörad fläskkotlett), you are advised to return it to the store so that it can be destroyed. News agency TT reports that you should not throw it away yourself. A complete list of all the products being recalled follows.

The products have been sold at Willys, Hemköp, Prisextra and Tempo. As of Saturday lunchtime, nobody had yet been reported to have fallen ill from the meat.

According to Ingmar Kroon, head of press for Axfood AP, the recall concerns two tons of pork meat that were primarily imported from Denmark.

"What we're recalling has gone out all over the country, but we don't know how much has been sold," says Kroon.

What follows is a list of what the labels read (in Swedish) on the products that are being recalled:

-Marinerad karré, bäst-före 2012-07-30, 2012-07-31, 2012-08-01, 2012-08-02

-Skivad karré 1,25 kg, bäst-före 2012-07-31, 2012-08-01

-Blandfärs import 1 kg, sista-förbrukningsdag 2012-07-31

-Blandfärs import 2,2 kg, sista-förbrukningsdag 2012-07-31

-Fläskkotlett mörad 800 g, bäst-före 2012-08-08

-Fläskytterfilé grill 800 g, bäst-före 2012-08-08, 2012-08-09, 2012-08-10

-Grillbricka miniytterfilé, bäst-före 2012-07-30, 2012-07-31

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