The leader of the Christian Democrats youth party in Sweden, Aron Modig. Photo: Ulf Palm/Scanpix.
car crash that killed Cuban dissident

Sweden to Cuba: "We want our guy home"

Swedish embassy personnel were denied access to the Swedish youth politician, Aron Modig, on Friday in Cuba, reports Swedish Radio news.

The 27-year-old leader of the youth wing of the Christian Democrats in Sweden is being kept by the Cuban migration authorities after a car crash last Sunday that claimed the life of Cuban opposition politician, Oswaldo Paya.

"We want our guy home, and that's what we've told Cuba several times," the head of press for the Swedish foreign ministry, Anders Jörle, tells news agency TT.

However, Cuba's answer has been that Modig has to be available for investigations into the crash, as Modig was also a passenger in the car. Modig reportedly sustained no injuries when the car hit a tree and is doing well under the circumstances, according to the embassy, which did get to meet him on Thursday.

A Spanish youth politician, Angel Carromero, was at the wheel of the car when it crashed, according to Swedish Radio news. Cuba's department of the interior has accused Carromero of having caused the crash by driving too fast and braking suddenly on an unpaved road.

Paya's family, however, maintains that the car was forced off the road, and the movement Paya belonged to, MCL, is demanding an open and impartial investigation.

Just as Sweden is doing, Spain has asked that Carromero be returned home as soon as possible.

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