The stadium in Kiev where the Euro 2012 finals were played. Photo: Sergei Chuzavkov / AP / Scanpix
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Salmonella and other bugs afflicted football fans

Statistics from the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control reveal a clear rise in the number of Swedes who got sick in Ukraine this summer, while attending the European Football Championships earlier this summer.

Some 30 Swedes reported coming down with food-borne illnesses during their visit to Ukraine. Between June 1 and July 10, over 20 people reported getting Campylobacter, nine reported getting salmonella and one reported E. Coli, all while visiting Ukraine.

"The Ukraine isn't a normal tourist destination for Swedes, but because of the championships, a lot of people went there. The more people who go, the more cases you find," epidemiologist Sofie Ivarsson tells Swedish Radio news.

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